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LEMB Digital Virtu@l with more than 18 years providing solutions and support to the academic market and library network in the world.

Library programs and services are proudly offered and used by over 2,380 librarians, cataloguers, referencers, and staff who access the database of authorized subject headings or main entries that have been fully reviewed, updated, and modified to a total that exceeds 107,000 terms.

LEMB Digit @ l is an electronic tool that streamlines the processes of cataloging and classifying documentary material and incorporates a modern search system for terms accepted as authority.

The List of Subject Headings for Libraries that LEMB Digit @ l manages, constitutes a standardized language that covers all areas of knowledge, made up of universally accepted principles that allow controlled vocabulary to analyze and retrieve information. Thus, the main purpose of this list is to establish standard subject headings, which can become a reliable tool for the cataloging of materials, the conformation and construction of authority modules in MARC format and a precise source for public catalog's access. 


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Searches from January to September 2020

Our Services

LEMB Digital offers different services for our customers:

  • LEMB Digital
  • Thematic Terms
  • Analysis and Document.
  • Research
  • Technical Support
  • KOHA+
  • Installation and Support
  • Software as a Service
  • Maintenance
  • Consultancy

LEMB History

Unión Panamericana

Carmen Rovira & Jorge Aguayo


Libraries from multiple countries


Digital Edition


LCSH Cloud


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