Solutions and Services 

LEMB Digital


LEMB Digital is an electronic tool that streamlines the processes of cataloging and classifying documentary material and incorporates a modern search system for terms accepted as authority.


Library programs and services are proudly offered and used by over 2,380 librarians, cataloguers, referencers, and staff who access the database of authorized subject headings or main entries that have been fully reviewed, updated, and modified to a total that exceeds 107,000 terms.

eTechSpace - Dspace


eTechSpace is a Dspace solution stored on dedicated servers to openly publish, manage, and display all of your institution's research material. It works as a discovery solution that is stored in the cloud, presenting a professional publication platform for journals, dissertations, educational resources, books, bulletins and magazines of the institution, research documents and a variety of formats ranging from texts , audio files, images or videos.


KOHA is a scalable library management system with full features and functionality.

The development is sponsored by libraries of various types and sizes, volunteers, and support companies around the world.

KOHA offers a fourth-generation web-based OPAC with administrative interfaces, full MARC21 and UNIMARC support, cross-branch transfer, self-pay, and integrated with Z39.50 servers to share resources.

Ask a Librarian


Ask a Librarian is a collaborative virtual reference service, offered in English and Spanish, that connects library staff from University libraries customers across Canada, US, Latin America and Spain with real-time library professionals and cataloguing assistance through chat. The service is offered by LEMB Digital Spiceworks Portal , the digital arm of the LEMB Digit@l Technical Support.